The Best of Education in Every Step

Education is the act of educating, instructing, policing, and disciplining.In its broadest sense, education means the environment in which the habits, customs and values ​​of a community are transferred from one generation to the next generation. Education is being formed through situations witnessed and experiences lived by each individual throughout his life.

The concept of education encompasses the level of courtesy, gentleness and civility demonstrated by an individual and their ability to socialize. At the University And Higher Education you will be able to get all the atmosphere for the same. However, the best options are there now.

The Theoretical Parts

According to the theoretical philosopher of the area of ​​pedagogy René Hubert, education is a set of actions and influences voluntarily exercised by one human being in another, usually from one adult to another. These actions aim to achieve a particular purpose in the individual so that he can play some role in the social, economic, cultural and political contexts of a society.

In the technical sense, education is the continuous process of development of the physical, intellectual and moral faculties of the human being, in order to better integrate in society or in his own group.

Education (from Latin educations) in the formal sense is the entire ongoing process of training and teaching learning that is part of the curriculum of official educational establishments, be they public or private.

According to the Law of Guidelines and Bases, Education is divided into two levels, basic education and higher education. Basic education includes Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Secondary Education. National education refers to the group of bodies that manage public education and supervise private education.

In the educational process in educational establishments, the knowledge and skills are transferred to the children, young people and adults always with the objective to develop the reasoning of the students, to teach to think about different problems, to aid in the intellectual growth and in the formation of citizens capable of generating positive transformations in society.

Education is not only limited to normal moral and intellectual, but can also be related to the physical aspect, as is the case of physical education.

Environmental education

The concept of environmental education implies awareness and learning in relation to the environment. Topics such as recycling and renewable energies are addressed, with the aim of creating attitudes that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.

It is called education the process by which it affects a person by stimulating it so that it develops its cognitive and physical capacities to be able to integrate fully in the society that surrounds it.

The so-called “formal” education is that made by professional teachers. It uses the tools that pedagogy posits to achieve its goals. In general, this education is usually divided according to the areas of human knowledge to facilitate assimilation by the learner.

In modern societies, education is considered an elementary human right; which is why it is usually offered free to students by the state. Notwithstanding this circumstance, there are private schools that fill the needs of public schools.

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